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Filled blender beside green fruit and vegetables.

For our test we pureed soft food, crushed ice, chopped carrots, made a green smoothie and blended kale.

We've tested 26 benchtop blenders to see how well they puree soft food, crush ice and more.

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Now there are “super” blenders, which can blend raw ingredients into a hot soup, grind nuts into butter, create sorbet from frozen fruit or make dough. We’ve tested both and discuss the features to look for.

Overall score breakdown

Performance (60%)

Regular blenders: pureeing, crushing, chopping, green smoothie, blending kale

Super blenders: pureeing, crushing, chopping, green smoothie, blending kale, nut butter, sorbet

Ease of use (40%)

About our test

For our tests we pureed soft frozen fruit (some older models pureed soup), crushed ice and chopped carrots. We made a green smoothie (a combination of English spinach, pear, kiwifruit, cucumber, mint, celery and water) and blended kale. For super blenders we also made nut butter, sorbet from frozen fruit, dough and almond meal, and grated parmesan.

In the latest batch of super blenders we made hot soup from raw ingredients. The dough, parmesan, dry milling and soup scores don’t contribute to the overall score. We also measured noise blending kale on the highest setting.

Woman preparing vegan smoothie with rocket, citrus and cucumber in the kitchen.

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