WiFi and Bluetooth speakers

Wireless speakers use either Bluetooth to connect to your music-playing device; or WiFi to connect to a streaming service. We tested budget options as well as pricier models, and consider what to look for when buying.

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Heos 1 (HS2)


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    • Sound
    • Ease of use
    • Sound signal

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    How we test

    Overall score is based on:

    Sound (45%): Scored by our panel of expert listeners judging a variety of music, spoken word, and other sounds on each device and scoring them out of 10. These scores are collated to get our overall sound score.

    Ease of use (45%): Considers the clarity and accuracy of the manuals supplied and the ease of setting up the speaker, as well as connecting it to a device and sending music to the speaker.

    Signal (10%): Tested by looking at several factors, including having the audio source in different positions, using various audio sources, interference, obstruction and degradation.

    Price is based on a July 2019 survey.

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    We've reviewed the Denon Heos 1 (HS2) to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • Sound
    • Ease of use
    • Sound signal

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