Body fat scales

We last tested body fat scales in October 2017. There are no updates planned.

White body fat scales with apple and measuring tape.


Index Smart Scale 010-01591-10



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    This body fat scale has good body fat accuracy, good weight accuracy and is OK to use.

    Test results

    • 70
      Body fat accuracy
    • 70
      Body fat deviation
    • 70
      Weight accuracy
    • 80
      Weight sensitivity
    • 67
      Ease of use

    Good points

    • Good body fat accuracy.
    • Good weight accuracy.
    • Very good weight sensitivity.
    • OK to use.
    • Display OK to read.
    • Identifies previous set users (although if more than one user has a similar weight measurements can get confused).
    • Has Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • Last measurements of the day are logged on the app for review.

    Bad points

    • No controls on scale (control is through an app on a smartphone or tablet).
    • Very difficult to set up.

    How we test

    We took readings from 15 men and women. We then compared the results with those obtained from a DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometre) scan, a machine used in hospitals for determining body fat composition.

    Overall score includes:

    Body fat accuracy (25%) - How accurately the scale measured body fat.
    Weight accuracy (20%) - How accurately the scale measured body weight.
    Weight sensitivity (10%) - How sensitive the scale was in detecting incremental changes of 100g.
    Body fat deviation (15%) - Based on the reading that was furthest away from the DEXA scan. Measures how much it varied from the scan.
    Ease of use (30%) - How easy the display was to read; how easy the controls were to programme and push with your toe; feet positioning; and how stable the scale was to stand on.


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    • HxWxD (cm)

      4 x 35 x 31

    • Capacity (kg)


    • User profiles


    • Batteries

      4 x AA


    • Identify previous set users

    • WiFi

    • Compatibility

    • Weight

    • Body fat %

    • Body Mass Index

    • Water %

    • Muscle %

      - measures muscle mass

    • Bone %

      - measures bone mass

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