Body fat scales

We last tested body fat scales in October 2017. There are no updates planned.

White body fat scales with apple and measuring tape.


Inner Scan BC-587



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    This body fat scale has good body fat accuracy, excellent weight accuracy and is easy to use.

    Test results

    • 70
      Body fat accuracy
    • 40
      Body fat deviation
    • 90
      Weight accuracy
    • 100
      Weight sensitivity
    • 76
      Ease of use

    Good points

    • Good body fat accuracy.
    • Excellent weight accuracy.
    • Excellent weight sensitivity.
    • Easy to use.
    • Easy to set up.
    • Display easy to read.
    • Controls very easy to operate with a toe.

    Bad points

    No obvious bad points.

    How we test

    We took readings from 15 men and women. We then compared the results with those obtained from a DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometre) scan, a machine used in hospitals for determining body fat composition.

    Overall score includes:

    Body fat accuracy (25%) - How accurately the scale measured body fat.
    Weight accuracy (20%) - How accurately the scale measured body weight.
    Weight sensitivity (10%) - How sensitive the scale was in detecting incremental changes of 100g.
    Body fat deviation (15%) - Based on the reading that was furthest away from the DEXA scan. Measures how much it varied from the scan.
    Ease of use (30%) - How easy the display was to read; how easy the controls were to programme and push with your toe; feet positioning; and how stable the scale was to stand on.


    • Avg price



    • HxWxD (cm)

      5 x 34 x 32

    • Capacity (kg)


    • User profiles


    • Batteries

      4 x AA


    • Identify previous set users

    • WiFi

    • Compatibility

    • Weight

    • Body fat %

    • Body Mass Index

    • Water %

    • Muscle %

      - measures muscle mass

    • Bone %

      - measures bone mass

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    Member reviews

    6 Member reviews

    Didn't last


    Didn't break for 2 years


    Broke after 2 years

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Shay C.

    Used 6 months or more

    Ok but


    It worked well for close to 4 years


    For the price I would have expected it to last more that three and a half years. The electrics had a meltdown in the end. Only 2 users.

    Recommend it?

    Maybe, it depends on what you're after.

    Roberta J.

    Used 6 months or more

    Not good


    Great design...worked well initially


    Lasted only 2 years with occasional use then it’s processor failed

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Peter S.

    Used 6 months or more

    Poor Product


    Bright easy read display


    After programming the first user could not reprogramme first user or any other of the user profiles. Unit was faulty.

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Michelle M.

    Used 1 month or less

    Did not work on arrival


    Turns on and measures body fat and weight. But none of the other functions advertised.


    Just arrived in the mail. Turns on, weighs weight and body fat. When I tried to press the other buttons to get the other measurements as specified in the instructions, the buttons were lifeless. Turned it off and on, no improvement. When you order a product in the mail like this, it arrives, you just want it to work as advertised. This item does not. Now I have to go through the rigmarole of sending it back, probably at my expense, and fighting to get my money back .... gruelling. Do not purchase!

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Cameron D.

    Used 1 month or less

    Tanita InnerScan BC-587 Body Fat Scales


    I have had this scale for a while now, and really like it. It has a big clear back-lit (blue) LED display which is easily read while standing on the scale. Designed in Japan to strict standards, it accurately measures weight, body fat %, water content, muscle mass, fitness level, metabolic rates and metabolic age, bone mass, and visceral fat. The last session's readings are recorded and can be compared with the current readings. Up to 4 plus a 'guest' can store their height, age, and sex particulars used in the calculations.


    Limited to only four people whose data can be stored, so if you have a larger family, you might want to consider another scale.
    A limitation of the technology is that one's level of hydration affects the calculations - dehydration results in a higher fat reading, good hydration results in a lower fat reading.

    Recommend it?

    Yes, I recommend this product.


    Used 6 months or more