Body fat scales

We last tested body fat scales in October 2017. There are no updates planned.

White body fat scales with apple and measuring tape.

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Bodyfit Smart Scale WW800A



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    This body fat scale has OK body fat accuracy, very good weight accuracy and is easy to use.

    Test results

    • 60
      Body fat accuracy
    • 30
      Body fat deviation
    • 80
      Weight accuracy
    • 60
      Weight sensitivity
    • 72
      Ease of use

    Good points

    • OK body fat accuracy.
    • Very good weight accuracy.
    • OK weight sensitivity.
    • Easy to use.
    • Easy to set up.
    • Display easy to read.
    • Controls very easy to operate with a toe.

    Bad points

    • Five sets of measurements on one display can be confusing to read.

    How we test

    We took readings from 15 men and women. We then compared the results with those obtained from a DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometre) scan, a machine used in hospitals for determining body fat composition.

    Overall score includes:

    Body fat accuracy (25%) - How accurately the scale measured body fat.
    Weight accuracy (20%) - How accurately the scale measured body weight.
    Weight sensitivity (10%) - How sensitive the scale was in detecting incremental changes of 100g.
    Body fat deviation (15%) - Based on the reading that was furthest away from the DEXA scan. Measures how much it varied from the scan.
    Ease of use (30%) - How easy the display was to read; how easy the controls were to programme and push with your toe; feet positioning; and how stable the scale was to stand on.


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      4 x 33 x 33

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      3 x AAA


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    • Body fat %

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