Updated 21 Sep 2017


Bakehouse BM4500

Snapshot: This horizontal-pan breadmaker has 3 loaf size options and a delayed start function. But it lacks a progress indicator. How does it perform?

Bakehouse BM4500
Consumer score
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Test results

Overall score
Multigrain: from scratch
Multigrain: premix
Wholemeal gluten-free: premix
Ease of use

Good points

  • Good multigrain “from scratch” result.
  • 3 loaf size options.


  • Poor result for multigrain premix.
  • Poor result for wholemeal gluten-free premix.
  • No progress indicator.
  • Has a long cycle time (4hrs 49mins).
  • Mostly stainless-steel exterior takes more effort to keep clean.

How we test

Overall score includes:

  • Multigrain: from scratch using the manufacturer's recipe (30 percent)
  • Multigrain: premix (30 percent)
  • Wholemeal gluten-free: premix (10 percent)
  • Ease of use (30 percent)

Prices are from an October 2013 survey.

Key data


Price guide


Exterior H x W x D (cm)
31 x 34 x 25
Bread pan H x W x D (cm)
13 x 18 x 14
Loaf-size options
500g, 750g, 1kg
Pan shape
Cycle time (hours : mins)


Delayed start
Progress indicator
Power-failure protection
Power-failure protection length (mins)
Fruit and nut dispenser
Removable lid
Viewing window
Loaf-colour options
Keep-warm function

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