Updated 7 Mar 2018

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Full policy details


Underwriter's financial strength rating
B++ (A.M. Best)
Independent complaints organisation

Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme

0800 45 3696
Cooling-off period
20 days

Standard excesses for fully-licenced, named drivers

Under 21
21 to 24


25 plus


Main cover

Liability to 3rd parties

Up to $20 million

Towing costs following accident

Reasonable towing costs

Road-clearing costs following accident


Transport costs following accident

Transport and accommodation costs up to $1000

Accommodation costs following accident

Transport and accommodation costs up to $1000

Cover for natural disasters

Yes - storm, fire, earthquake

Other benefits

Damage to trailer covered under same policy

Optional extra up to $2500 (standard excess applies)

Cover for windscreens/windows


Possible to claim for broken glass without impacting excess/no-claims discount

No (but excess for optional windscreen/windows cover is reduced to $50)

Keys/locks replaced

Up to $1000

Repairs done by specified repairer guaranteed


Option to choose your own repairer


Roadside assistance available


Rental car during repairs

Up to 14 days if car stolen (deposit required); otherwise optional extra (up to 14 days, deposit required)

No-claims discount protection (including at-fault crashes)


New vehicle replaced entirely

Yes, if less than 2 years old and 40,000km (and at your purchase, odometer reading less than 500km)

Car accessories included in cover

Yes - child car seats, personalised number plates, tow bars, window tints; other accessories included in the agreed value

Car accessories kept at home covered


Death and injury cover

Driver's death


Driver's personal injury


Driver's medical expenses


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