Updated 31 Jan 2014

GT Radial

Champiro 228 (195/65 R15)

Bottom line: This symmetric tyre has very good dry grip and good wet grip. It has a 210km/h speed rating.

Champiro 228 (195/65 R15)
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Test results

Overall score
Dry cornering
Wet cornering
Dry braking
Very good
Wet braking

Good points

  • Good at dry cornering.
  • Good at wet cornering.
  • Very good at dry braking.
  • Good at wet braking.


(No obvious bad points.)

How we test

Our tests examine the difference in performance between tyres in extreme conditions. In daily driving you probably won’t notice it, but how your tyres perform in an emergency or wet conditions is when the difference really counts. Our tests are performed by a trained driver under controlled conditions on a closed track.

Cornering assesses how well the tyres keep the test car in a set lane at speeds of 80km/h and 85km/h in dry conditions, and 75km/h and 80km/h in wet conditions. We use a right-hand corner with a radius of 55m. The tyres are tested twice in differing orders.

Braking measures the distance it takes to come to a complete standstill in emergency braking tests from driving speeds of 50km/h and 80km/h in both dry and wet conditions.

Rolling resistance measures the distance it takes to roll to a stop from a starting speed of 25km/h. This is completed 5 times, and the shortest and longest measured distances are discarded. The 3 remaining measured distances are then averaged.

Overall score is calculated from 30 percent wet cornering, 30 percent wet braking, 20 percent dry cornering and 20 percent dry braking scores.

Noise (where listed) is measured on coarse-chip seal. Where two measures are given, they are at 50km/h and 80km/h.

Price is per tyre (including fitting and balancing).

Key data


Price range


195/65 R15
Speed rating
Symmetric tread pattern
Noise (dBA)
Not tested

More Info


This size of tyre suits modern cars such as the Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

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