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We last tested kitchen knives in 2013. There are no updates planned.

Cutting a green capsicum with a kitchen knife.


Classic Cook’s Knife



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    This knife has good handling, very good initial sharpness and excellent edge durability.

    Test results

    • 75
    • 86
      Initial sharpness
    • 90
      Edge durability

    Good points

    • Good handling.
    • Very good initial sharpness.
    • Excellent edge durability.

    Bad points

    (No obvious bad points.)

    How we test

    Overall score:

    • Handling (60 percent)
    • Initial sharpness (20 percent)
    • Edge durability (20 percent)

    Price is based on a March 2013 price survey.


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    Member reviews

    2 Member reviews

    Good weight and durability


    I have the smaller 15cm version of this knife and use it as my everyday cooking knife. I find the grip comfortable and a nice shape and weight for handling -I see it is the same shape but smaller than the 20cm one. It has lasted well over 10 years but could do with a professional sharpen now - having siad that, my teenager just sliced a tomato easily with it last week. It is perfect for veges, large fruit and meat.

    And at this price $99 for the 15cm length (less 50% at Briscoes), it's a bargain.


    I only wonder if dearer knives maintain their new ultra sharp longer altho this is plenty sharp.

    Recommend it?

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    Lynda G.

    Used 6 months or more

    Brilliant knives


    I have a full range of Scanpan knives and they are excellent. I have had them for nearly 10 years and they really do stay sharp with regular steeling...I use a diamond steel...also by Scanpan. They are hefty so probably suit bigger hands but I find the heft and balance perfect...I am 5'11". Pricewise they are great value even at full retail but Briscoes regularly has them on special at 30% to 40% off


    They are quite heavy so it is very much a matter of what suits your hand size and strength. Remember, slicing and chopping are very different techniques but I find the cook's knife very good for both...the curved blade gives a very good "rocking" action for dicing and chopping but the blade is also long enough to slice has a very keen edge.

    Recommend it?

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    Peter W.

    Used 6 months or more