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Choosing the right clothes dryer pays off in the long run.

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We’ve tested heat-pump, condenser and vented clothes dryers to find the most efficient, easiest to use and fastest. Use our results to find the model that’s right for you.

We've tested 21 clothes dryers.

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Our members have also told us which brands are most reliable, with one manufacturer standing out as the Top Brand.  

Before buying a clothes dryer, consider the following:  

  • Type. Vented dryers are cheaper to buy but more expensive to run than condenser and heat pump models. Our life cycle cost calculator will give you an idea of the true cost over 10 years.

  • Physical features. Make sure the dryer will actually fit in your laundry. Not all dryers can be stacked or wall-mounted, so double check before you buy. Also consider where the dryer will be situated so that you can plan for ducting or plumbing if either is required.

  • Electronic features. Convenient features include a sensor or timer, reverse tumbling, and manual restart. Fancier features tend to bump up the price, so think about whether you actually need them.


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Clothes dryers guide

Before you buy, check out our buying guide.

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