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ONE+ 18V Compact Kit R18DD-LL25S


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    How we test

    Overall scores includes:

    Performance (70%)
    Ease of use (30%)

    Performance is equally weighted between the following three tests:

    Battery life (/10): We drill a 10-12 x 25mm cabinet screw into MDF, screw it back out, then rinse and repeat. On average, the drills in our test drove 332 screws before giving up the ghost, with the top model managing 642. The cordless screwdrivers drove just over 100 on average into pre-made holes in MDF.

    Torque (/10): We drive heavy-duty 14g, 10 x 75mm timber screws into three sheets of MDF. If a drill drives the screw head flush with the MDF with no slowing down it’s awarded 10/10 for torque; penalties apply if it slows down or is unable to drive the screw flush.

    Speed drilling (/10): We time how quickly we can drill 10 holes with a 13mm spade bit through 45mm spotted gum.

    Ease of use (/10): Ease of use for drills is highly subjective, so we employ a panel featuring one right-handed man with large hands, another man with large hands but left-handed, and a right-handed woman with smaller hands. Our ease-of-use scores are equally-weighted between the panellists’ assessment of weight, balance and handle/control ergonomics.

    Assembly (/10): Assessed for cordless screwdrivers only and refers to their performance (speed) when drilling screws into pre-made holes, for example when assembling flat-pack furniture.

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    We've reviewed the Ryobi ONE+ 18V Compact Kit R18DD-LL25S to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • Ease of use
    • Performance
    • Battery life
    • Torque
    • Drilling

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