Our largest test finds the best performing cameras from pocket-sized compacts to full DSLRs.

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There’s nothing like a good camera for top notch photos. On the flipside, cameras can be daunting to budding photographers. Where do you even start with all those dials, buttons and menu options? There’s little point in splashing out on a camera with lots of manual settings only to use it in “automatic mode”.

We’ve laid out all the basics you need to know before you even pick up camera.

  • For the point-and-shooters. Grab a compact camera. There’s only one lens to worry about and a lot of automatic shooting options. They tend to be smaller too, which is good for travel.

  • For the budding amateur and the pros. Mirrorless cameras are the way of the future. They combine the lightweight, digital aspects of compacts, with the full manual controls of DSLRs.

  • For the serious photographer. Our database contains info on almost everything you want to know from ISO range to sensor size to viewfinder resolution. For DSLR and mirrorless cameras, we also list which lens we tested them with.

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