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Dishwasher detergents


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    Test results

    • 55
      Egg yolk
    • 13
      Rice starch
    • 44
      Baked-on cheese
    • 51
      Red wine
    • 56
    • 68
      Minced meat

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    Good points

    • OK at removing egg-yolk stains.
    • OK at removing coffee stains.
    • OK at removing minced-meat stains.
    • Dissolvable wrapper.

    Bad points

    • Extremely poor at removing rice stains.
    • Poor at removing baked-on cheese stains.
    • Just OK at removing red wine stains.

    How we test

    Overall score is the average of 6 scores for stain removal.

    We test in a controlled lab environment using plates that are pre-stained. We get the plates from the same company that supplies consumer organisations and dishwasher manufacturers globally. We set the dishwasher to a standard cycle at 60°C and test each detergent 4 times. To see how well the detergents have cleaned the plates, we measure the reflectance with a spectrophotometer before and after cleaning.


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      New Zealand

    • Contain rinse aid


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    Member reviews

    1 Member review

    Poor result


    That it is supposed to be more eco friendly


    I had very poor results with this product. Did not remove quite a lot of food items even though I do rinse first. But the main drawback was that it left a dull film on the dishes and more noticeably the glassware. I frequently had to give an extra rinse even for a barely acceptable result. It also left a dull film on the stainless steel interior of the dishwasher. Do not recommend.

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Lynsie Anne M.

    Used 1 month or less