Dishwasher detergents

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Dishwasher detergents


Original All in one dishwasher capsules lemon



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    This capsule dishwasher detergent cleaned well overall in our test, but it did struggle to remove red wine stains.

    Test results

    • 89
      Egg yolk
    • 62
      Rice starch
    • 67
      Baked-on cheese
    • 40
      Red wine
    • 55
    • 87
      Minced meat

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    Good points

    • Very good at removing egg-yolk stains.
    • OK at removing rice stains.
    • OK at removing baked-on cheese stains.
    • OK at removing coffee stains.
    • Very good at removing minced-meat stains.
    • Dissolvable wrapper.

    Bad points

    • Poor at removing red wine stains.

    How we test

    Overall score is the average of 6 scores for stain removal.

    We test in a controlled lab environment using plates that are pre-stained. We get the plates from the same company that supplies consumer organisations and dishwasher manufacturers globally. We set the dishwasher to a standard cycle at 60°C and test each detergent 4 times. To see how well the detergents have cleaned the plates, we measure the reflectance with a spectrophotometer before and after cleaning.


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      Yes, confirmed by the manufacturer

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    Member reviews

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    Over-perfumed detergent taints cups longterm


    These tablets clean adequately, but the disadvantage of tainted cups and glassware far outweighs this, especially as many other brands do just as good a job of cleaning.


    We were supplied with these to use in our new dishwasher at work. They are highly scented and staff noticed all our cups reeked of the sickly perfume, tainting every cup of tea, drink of water, etc - even after re-rinsing every cup and glass before use. The smell clings on months later - the dishwasher still reeks of it, even though we switched to an unscented tablet of a different brand once we'd used up the Fairy tablets. Using this has helped, but some things are permanently tainted especially silicone keep cup lids, and plasticware.

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Caroline E.

    Used 1 - 3 months