Updated 9 Jun 2016

Soap flakes

Home recipe

Snapshot: The Soap Flakes Home Recipe uses Lux pure soap flakes, which comes in a 700ml pack. How well does it clean your dishes?

Home recipe
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How we test

The plates in our test sink are pre-soiled with a combination of oils, milk powder, gravy, flour, vegetable stock and carbon, to simulate common stains. We wash the plates using a mechanical scrubbing arm, using 5ml of detergent in a 5L sink. Reflectiveness is measured before and after scrubbing with a spectrophotometer. Each detergent is tested 8 times with the average used as the final performance score.

Many detergents in our test come in various pack sizes and fragrances. These have no effect on their performance.

Key data


Overall score (%)
Potential washes per pack (per sink)


Avg price
Pack size (ml)
Recyclable bottle


Surfactants biodegradable
Safe for septic tanks
Grey water safe
Cruelty free
Gentle on hands
Kosher certified
Phosphate free
Plant based ingredients

More Info

Contains Lux Pure Soap Flakes and water.