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    Low step

The Benno eJoy can carry more load than most other models, the rear rack built in to the frame has a 40kg capacity and a matching front rack is an optional extra.

The bike looks relaxed but we found it rides efficiently at speed and up and down hills with confident handling - the ride position means it's not suited to a very long fast commute though. There's no suspension, but large-volume tyres and a plush saddle take the edge off bumps and make the ride comfortable.

Our testers thought the Bosch Active motor was a little under-powered, but 2020 model will come with the torquier Performance motor.

The attention to detail in this bike was exemplary - most testers agreed it would be a pleasure to own and ride an eJoy.

Test results

  • 73
    Motor system
  • 78
    Bike style
  • 83
    Motor - Responsiveness
  • 55
    Motor - Hill climbing
  • 75
    Motor - Speed assistance
  • 85
    Motor - Interface
  • 70
    Bike - Slow speed
  • 81
    Bike - Riding fast
  • 70
    Bike - Rough terrain
  • 100
    Bike - Practicality

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Good points

  • Very good motor responsiveness.
  • OK motor assistance climbing hills.
  • Good motor assistance at speed.
  • Motor assists to 32 km/h.
  • Very good display and controls.
  • Bike is very good to pedal quickly.
  • Bike has good slow speed balance.
  • Bike copes very well on rough surfaces.
  • Has metal mudguards and a rear-mount kickstand.
  • Has a large rear rack with 40kg capacity.
  • A front rack is available as an extra-cost option.
  • Has built in lights.
  • Has hydraulic disc brakes.

Bad points

  • Only comes in one frame size.
  • Doesn't have a suspension fork.

How we test

Each e-bike was taken on a test route by two riders. The 5km route in and around Wellington’s CBD included city traffic, fast flat roads, hills, kerbs, wooden bridges and a busy waterfront path shared with pedestrians.

We also put the e-bikes through a gruelling 20km route around Wellington’s Wadestown and Northland suburbs. The main challenge was climbing a 2km-long hill five times at a steady 20km/h (a kilometre of vertical ascent) and descending the same twisty narrow road between climbs. It also included a short, steep section of rough path with a narrow barrier negotiated at walking pace, an undulating 5km of suburban streets, and a steep descent requiring brakes to keep the e-bike to the 50km/h speed limit.

Our riding tests, along with a static assessment of the features and functions of each e-bike, were used to score the performance of the motor system and the bike. Overall score includes:

Motor system (50% of overall score)

  • starting, stopping and responsiveness (40% of motor system score)
  • hill climbing assistance (30%)
  • controller and display (20%)
  • high-speed assistance (10%).

Bike (50% of overall score)

  • uphill and slow riding performance, ease of mounting and dismounting, off-bike handling (50% of bike score)
  • downhill and fast flat riding stability, safety and comfort (30%)
  • comfort and safety on bumpy and rough surfaces (20%).


  • Avg price


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  • Frame type

    Low step

  • Alternative frame type


  • Sizes available

    One size


  • Motor brand


  • Motor model

    Active Plus

  • Motor location


  • Power


  • Max assist torque


  • Max assist speed


  • Assist settings


  • Walk mode

  • Thumb throttle

  • Battery size


  • Battery location

    Seat tube


  • Wheel size


  • Tyre width


  • Tyre tread


  • Mudguards


  • Kickstand

    Rear mount

  • Rear rack (l x w cm)

  • Gears

    9 / Trigger

  • Suspension fork (travel)

  • Suspension seatpost

  • Lights

  • Brakes

    Disc (hydraulic)

More info

  • Notes

    2020 models will use the Bosch Performance motor, which should result in better hill climbing.