Electric scooters

We put five of the most popular e-scooters through their paces to find the gruntiest performers and smoothest rides.

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    How we test

    We put the electric scooters to task on a demanding 10km urban test route that involved high- and low-speed riding, short hills and descents and varied paths you might experience on a commute – from smooth asphalt and clackety brick pavements through to bumpy wooden bridges.

    Along the way we tested the performance of the scooter (50% of overall score) which comprises of stability (20%), handling (20%), braking (20%), range and hill climbing (20% each). We also assessed the how easy the scooters are to use (50% of overall score). The ease of use score is calculated based on vibration (20%), folding and unfolding (20%), usability of controls (30%) and comfort (30%).

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    We've reviewed the Micro Merlin to see how well it performs in these categories:

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