Updated 19 Dec 2016


Wet & Dry Rechargeable ES-LT2N-S841

Snapshot: The Panasonic Wet & Dry Rechargeable ES-LT2N-S841 foil (oscillating) cordless electric shaver has 3 foils and is washable. How well does it shave?

Wet & Dry Rechargeable ES-LT2N-S841
Consumer score
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Test results

Overall score
Shaving performance
Ease of use
Battery life

Good points

  • Good shaving performance.
  • Good battery life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used for wet shaving.
  • Can be used in the shower.
  • Can be washed clean.
  • Comes with a travel pouch.
  • Has sonic vibration automatic cleaning mode.
  • Head flexes in three dimensions allowing foil head to more closely follow facial contours.
  • Has low battery indicator.
  • Has trimmer.
  • Head doesn't need to be removed to use trimmer.
  • Charges to full capacity in around an hour.
  • Has on/off switch lock.


No obvious bad points.

How we test

We convene a panel of 22 men to trial shavers, as all tested models are marketed as men’s shavers intended for regular facial use.

Overall score includes:

Shaving performance (60%)
Ease of use (30%, or 40% for the two corded models)
Battery life (10%)

Performance and ease of use results are equally weighted between each of the panellists’ opinion.

Shaving performance is based on each trialist’s view of how effective a model is at giving a close shave on both one- and three-day beard growth. Points are deducted where skin appears dry, shadowed, grazed or red after shaving. Models also receive a penalty if they pull hair instead of cutting, cause grazes or nicks or result in any skin irritation. The benchmark for a high performance score is the shave given by a high-end, five-blade manual razor.

Ease of use is equally weighted between controls (are they easy to read and operate?) handle comfort, heaviness, and the level of pressure required for a close shave.

Battery-life testing is conducted in the lab, as is the durability test where we drop each shaver six times from 80cm at different angles (all models came through unscathed).

Key data


Avg price
Cordless foil (oscillating)


Weight (g)
Number of heads/foils
Battery type
Claimed charge time (hours)
Claimed shaving time from full charge (minutes)
Measured battery operating time (min)
Noise (dBA at 10cm)


Can be used in shower
Automatic cleaning station / mode
Required to change head for trimmer
Wet shave allowed
On/off switch lock
Head tilt lock
Yes (single position)
Quick charge
Low-battery indicator
On/off indicator
Travel pouch

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