Updated 26 Mar 2018


Genius 9000

Snapshot: The Oral-B Genius 9000 electric toothbrush has a pulsating and oscillating-rotating brush action. How well does it clean teeth?

Genius 9000
Consumer score
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Test results

Overall score
Battery recharge
Battery rundown
Ease of use

Good points

  • Very good at removing plaque.
  • Fast at recharging battery (13 hours).
  • Good at keeping battery charge.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very easy to attach and remove brush head.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Timer.
  • 30-second alert when you should move to another section of your mouth.
  • Pressure indicator.
  • Travel case.
  • 6 speed settings.
  • Smartphone compatible.
  • Good instructions.


No obvious bad points.

How we test

Performance 70% of overall score
Each toothbrush is tested by 20 people to see how well it removes plaque. To measure plaque levels, teeth are dyed with a solution and a dental hygienist measures the amount of plaque on the inside and outside of every tooth. The triallist then brushes their teeth for 2 minutes and the hygienist measures how much plaque is left. This sequence is repeated over several weeks.

Battery 15% of overall score
We see how many 2-minute brushes a fully charged battery gives. We leave a 12-hour gap between each brush, just like you would when you’re brushing twice a day. We also assess at how long it takes for a flat battery to fully recharge.

Ease of use 15% of overall score
For ease of use our 20 triallists consider how comfortable each brush is to use and hold, how easy it is to attach and remove the brush head, and recharge the brush, and how comprehensive the instructions are.

Key data


Avg price


Brush action
Pulsating and oscillating/rotating
Replaceable heads
Battery life (number of 2-minute brushes)
Recharge time (hours.minutes)
Weight (g)
Number of settings


Low-battery indicator
Pressure indicator
Travel container
Smartphone compatible

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