Updated 4 Aug 2016


Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner

Snapshot: Comfort Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner is a liquid that comes in a 750ml pack. But does it leave your towels soft?

Aromatherapy Fabric Conditioner
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Test results

Overall score
Water absorbency

Good points

  • Very good softness.


  • Poor water absorbency.

How we test

Overall score includes:

Softness (60%)
Water absorbency (40%)

To test fabric softeners, we wash cotton swatches, with cotton sheets and pillowcases to approximate a typical load of washing. We put the load through a regular wash with just laundry detergent. We then run the top-loader machine on a rinse-and-spin cycle with the fabric softener. The swatches are dried and their softness and absorption are tested.


We get 10 people to test softness by using a paired method where each person is presented with two swatches and asked which is softer. A product scores a point if it’s softer than its paired product. The softeners are then ranked by their total score. All the products in the test are compared against each other.

Water absorbency

We also test for water absorbency of the swatches because fabric softeners tend to reduce the water absorbency of fabrics as a side effect of the making them feel soft. We use a dyed solution in a beaker and place a swatch into it. The dyed solution can then be seen travelling up the swatch, the further it travels, the better the water absorbency, which means the higher we score it.

Key data


Avg price
Cost per wash
Pack size (g/ml)
Fragrance tested
Other fragrances available
Dosage (ml per L of water)
Claimed number of washes