Updated 1 Mar 2014



Snapshot: The IrfanView free image editor is Windows compatible and can handle raw-format images. How good is it for polishing your snaps?

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Test results

Overall score
Basic editing
Advanced editing
Ease of learning
Help information

Good points

  • Good basic editing.
  • OK advanced editing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Can handle raw images.
  • Has red-eye removal.
  • Has cloning tool.


  • No layer handling.

How we test

Overall score:

  • Basic editing functionality (30%)
  • Advanced editing functionality (30%)
  • Editor functions (15%)
  • Learning curve (10%)
  • Help information (5%)
  • Initial setup (5%)
  • Input (5%)

Basic editing covers the most common editing functions – cropping, resizing, red-eye reduction, auto-adjust image settings (colour correction, balance, contrast), image rotation, batch editing, image straightening and conversion to grayscale/B&W.

Advanced editing covers retouch/effect brush tool, special effects/filters, cloning tool, layer handling and border designs (picture frames).

Usability includes before and after previews, size of the preview, editing history functions and editing processing speed.

Initial setup includes downloading, installing and configuring the software. Help information includes any tutorials, video (including official YouTube instruction) and other assistance such as wizards and documentation.

Ease of learning takes into account the ease of becoming familiar with the program.

Input covers file formats, plus navigating to and selecting pictures for editing.

Full specs





Handle raw format images
Red-eye reduction
Convert to greyscale/B and W
Image straightening tool
Retouch/effect brush tool
Cloning tool
Layer handling
Batch editing
Thumbnails view
Can create a bootable USB key