Freestanding ovens

Should you buy a simple electric stove or a stylish dual-fuel? We look at the different performance, features and reliability of both to help make the decision easier.

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Freestanding ovens are a good option whether you’re replacing an old unit or revamping your kitchen.

We've tested 18 freestanding ovens.

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Here’s how we put stoves through their paces to find out which models will perform well and fit your kitchen.

Overall score breakdown

Our overall score is comprised of four subscores.

Oven (25%)

We roasted a whole chicken to assess how each oven copes with a non-uniform food. We bake scones to test how well the ovens do at high temperatures over a short time, and meringues to test them at low temperatures for a long period.

We make a freshly prepared pizza and cook it at a very high temperature for a short period to assess the oven’s ability to crisp and brown the base and evenly cook the toppings.

And we roast a whole chicken to assess how each oven copes with a non-uniform food.

Grill (25%)

We make toast and grill sausages to assess speed and evenness of grilling.

Cooktop (25%)

First we make white sauce on the simmer-burner to test the cooktop’s ability to perform at a low temperature for a long time.

Next we cook rice on the medium-sized burner. This tests the "turn down" capacity of the element and whether the burner can maintain a suitable level of heat at the lowest temperature setting.

We cook a beef and vegetable stir-fry on the wok burner or the largest element to assess its ability to deliver continuous high heat.

Our final test is chocolate-melting. Chocolate is sensitive to high temperatures: it must be melted on a very low temperature to avoid burning.

Ease of use (25%)

We look at the user-friendliness of the controls and displays, and at how easy it is to use the cooktop elements, grill trays and oven shelves. We also evaluate the tedious stuff – cleaning each stove (inside and out).

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