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Need a stand-alone freezer?

Our test results will show you the top-performing models. Plus, we’ve covered the features you should consider when buying a freezer.

From our test

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Factors in newer freezer designs, such as insulation thickness and size and type of compressor, can have an impact on efficiency.

When you’re comparing freezers, it’s worth comparing the energy use figures on the labels, the annual running costs from our test or checking the Energy Rating website which has a 10-year running cost calculator.


Our 2017 appliance reliability survey found that overall, 96% of freezers had never needed repair.

  • Below-average: Haier
  • Total number surveyed: 1000

Aspira came out on top for reliability, with 99% never needing repair. However, it only scored 61% for excellent satisfaction and only 67% of members rated it as “excellent value for money”.

Buying second-hand

New fridges and freezers are more energy efficient – so if you’re buying second hand, newer is better.

  • Stick to well-known brands under 5 years old, as newer models are much more energy efficient. They’re also easier to get parts for if anything needs fixing.
  • Check the lid or door seal is intact, in good condition and the door or lid shuts properly.
  • Make sure the door is hinged on the correct side for your kitchen (or is reversible).
  • Make sure the interior is in good nick and free from funny smells. Only buy if it looks tidy and well cared for.
  • If you buy a fridge from a second-hand dealer and then discover it’s faulty, you're covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act. If you buy privately, you're not.
  • Under the Electricity Act, all electrical appliances for sale must be safe – whether they're new or second-hand, bought privately or from a dealer.

Freezer & fridge-freezer Top Brands

The Top Brand award recognises brands that perform consistently well across product testing, reliability and customer satisfaction.

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