What to look for when buying a standalone freezer.

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When buying a freezer, what you get is mostly dictated by the space available in your home, but there are other factors you should consider. Here are our tips on what to keep in mind when buying a standalone freezer.

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What you should think about when buying a new freezer:

  • Chest or upright? Upright freezers are easier to use and take up less space. Chest freezers are generally larger but accessing food is more difficult to and they often require manual defrosting.
  • Interior layout. How food is stored affects how easy the freezer is to use. Bins and shelves, common in uprights, are easy to access and organise. Baskets in chest freezers can be awkward to lift and you can need to move them to access food.
  • Other things to consider. It’s important to check the location of the controls and how easy they are to adjust, the interior lighting and whether the freezer needs manual defrosting.
  • Energy efficiency. Check how much power a freezer will use over the course of a year.
  • Reliability. Which is the most reliable type of freezer and what percentage of owners are satisfied with their freezer? See our appliance reliability results.

Our test assesses how well freezers manage temperature on a daily basis as well as how fast they are to warm up when power is cut and how quickly they cool back down.

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