Updated 1 Dec 2011



Snapshot: The Bahco P16-60 garden loppers weigh 951g and have a maximum cutting diameter of 56mm. But how well do they cut?

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Test results

Overall score
Ease of cut
Cut quality
Ease of use

Good points

  • OK cutting force.
  • OK cutting quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good for light work.
  • Lightweight.


(No obvious bad points.)

How we test

Our test was carried out by an independent laboratory in New Zealand. All models were bypass loppers which use a thin cutting blade that sweeps past a heavier hooked blade and shears off the branch.

Overall score

  • Ease-of-cut (30%)
  • Cut quality (30%)
  • Ease-of-use (40%)

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About our test

We measured the handle-force it took for each lopper to cut through freshly cut 25mm willow branches, and through drier 12mm radiata dowelling. Then we inspected both cuts for splitting, and the willow cuts for cell and bark damage.

The cutting blades were also tested for hardness. Ease of using the loppers was assessed by a panel of male and female users.

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Weight (g)
Blade hardness (HRC)
Maximum cut diameter (mm)


Telescopic handles
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