Updated 26 Aug 2014


Power Gear P92 111520

Snapshot: The Power Gear P92 111520 secateurs weigh 194g and have a maximum cutting diameter of 20mm. But how well do they cut?

Power Gear P92 111520
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Test results

Overall score
Cutting performance
Ease of use

Good points

  • Good cutting performance.
  • OK to use.
  • Medium weight.
  • Supplied with a holder.


  • Right-handed use only.

How we test

Overall score

  • Cutting performance (70%)
  • Ease of use (30%)

About our test

4 users assessed the cutting ability of the secateurs by repeatedly slicing through 9.5mm dowelling (the jaws of all the models could handle bigger diameters than this).

Secateurs with a cutting score of 7.0 or more cut the dowel reasonably well. Those with a score of less than 6.0 couldn’t cut the dowel.

The same 4 users also commented on how comfortable the secateurs were to use.

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Cutting style
Maximum cutting diameter (mm)
Weight (g)

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