Garment steamers

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Woman using garment steamer on blue shirt.

Garment steamers are good for touch-ups, refreshing clothes between washes and “ironing” delicate fabrics.

Do you need a garment steamer?

Garment steamers rely on steam, not pressure, to remove creases, which makes them a gentle way to “iron” clothing. But this also means they’re not a complete substitute for an iron or steam station as some fabrics need pressure to remove wrinkles effectively.


  • Can be used on upholstery, rugs, curtains and drapes as well as clothes.
  • Compact models can be used for travelling.


  • Fabrics can be left slightly damp or with water droplets on the material, so you may need to wait between steaming and wearing.
  • Some are expensive.

Features to look for

  • A telescopic pole helps make the unit more compact for storage.
  • Wheels let you move the steamer around easily.
  • A clothes hanger is essential for hanging the garments during steaming.
  • Variable steam lets you adjust the amount of steam to suit what you’re steaming.

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