Glass and window cleaners

Clean windows or no streaks? Only one product does both well.

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    How we test

    Our assessment is based on how well the cleaner removes greasy dirt from a ceramic tile. Cleanliness is assessed by measuring reflectance before and after cleaning. We also assess whether the cleaner leaves streaks.

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    • Average price


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      November 2019

    • Cost per application (5 sprays)


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    • Doesn't contain ammonia claim


    • Surfaces suitable for

      Glass table tops, appliances, chrome, stainless steel, microwave ovens, mirrors, glass shelving, porcelain, TV and computer screens, factory-tinted automotive glass, chrome bumpers, trim and wheels. Test first on non-factory tinted automotive glass

    • Surfaces not suitable for

      Wood or any varnished surfaces, cloth or leather upholstery, carpet, electrical plugs or outlets. All food contact surfaces must be rinsed with potable water after use

    • Origin

      New Zealand

    • Has fragrance

      Not stated

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