Updated 1 Aug 2014

Cloud Nine

The Original Iron C9-M1.2

Snapshot: The Cloud Nine The Original Iron C9-M1.2 has 7 temperature settings, a ready-to-use indicator and auto switch-off. How well does it straighten your hair?

The Original Iron C9-M1.2
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Test results

Overall rating

Good points

  • Very fast heat-up time.
  • Quick and effective styling result.
  • Moves smoothly through hair.
  • Optimum temperature for styling.
  • Has 7 heat settings.
  • Has an easy-to-read temperature gauge.
  • Long cord.


  • 2 or more “passes” through the hair needed for the desired effect.

About our trial

10 volunteers – all experienced in using hair straighteners – trialed 12 straighteners on clean, dry, tangle-free hair.

They knew which brands they were using: we couldn’t disguise the brands because our triallists had to read the instruction manuals and safety warnings.

The triallists used the straighteners in the morning so they could see how the effect lasted through the day. All were asked to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

After using each straightener, triallists evaluated performance, immediate effect, how smoothly the straightener went through their hair, the number of passes needed to straighten a section of hair, the time taken to get the desired effect, and whether the plates were hot enough. They also rated each straightener on ease of use.

At the end of each day, they gave the straightener an overall rating. They also noted how long the result had lasted.

Next we assessed the straighteners in the lab: we measured how long their plates took to heat up from room temperature to 150°C and also to 200°C – and if they couldn’t get to 200°C in 15 minutes, we recorded the hottest temperature they could get to in that time.

We also carried out basic electrical safety tests (all the straighteners passed these).

Key data


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Weight (g)
Cord length (m)
Plate material
Minimum / maximum temperatures (°C)
<100 / >200
Average maximum temperature (°C)
Heat-up time (min:sec)


Swivel cord
Ready-to-use indicator
Heat settings
Curls, waves, flicks
Floating/cushioned plates
Auto switch-off (mins)

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