Updated 1 Aug 2014

Silver Bullet

Chocolat GBF-1038 + Maxi-Mini

Snapshot: The Silver Bullet Chocolat GBF-1038 + Maxi-Mini has variable temperature settings, a ready-to-use indicator and comes with a mini-straightener.How well does it straighten your hair?

Chocolat GBF-1038 + Maxi-Mini
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Key data


Price guide


Weight (g)
431 / 218
Cord length (m)
2.6 / 2.0
Plate material
Titanium infused
Minimum / maximum temperatures (°C)
80 / 220
Average maximum temperature (°C)
225 / 205
Heat-up time (min:sec)
1:50 / 0:60


Swivel cord
Ready-to-use indicator
Heat settings
Main straightener - variable; mini straightener - 1
Curls, waves, flicks
Floating/cushioned plates
Main straightener - yes; mini straightener - no
Auto switch-off (mins)

More Info

Has both a main straightener and a mini straightener.