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Which hairdryers blew us away?

It takes more than blasting hot air through your hair to get terrific tresses. It’s also useful to have a range of temperatures so you can dry hair quickly with a warm blast and then style it with a cooler setting. Find out which hairdryers are very good at styling, and the useful features to consider when choosing a hairdryer.

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Hot and cold

Hairdryers with a good temperature range had more than 30°C between their hottest and coolest setting.

High-temperature settings are useful for quick drying; cooler settings are best for styling.

Tip: Pick up the hairdryer in the shop to check its weight and balance. Holding a hairdryer for any length of time can be tiring. Also check the controls – they should be accessible and easy to operate by touch.

What to look for

Here's what to consider when choosing a hairdryer:

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