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Hand-held blenders

Hand-held blenders

Whip up purées or soups.

Hand-held blenders are convenient, cleaning is easier and they take up less room in your cupboard. Some even have attachments to chop, grind and process hard foods.

From our test

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Is one right for you?

A hand-held blender may do the trick if you’re mainly pureeing soft foods or chopping vegetables.

With a hand-held you can put the blender directly into your soup pot and puree the cooked ingredients. If you go for a model with a processing attachment you can also chop, grind and process hard foods – great for making curry pastes and chopping nuts.

Features to consider

If you’re thinking about buying a hand-held blender, keep these points in mind.

  • Comfort: The blender should be easy to hold – so try out the grip to make sure it fits your hand. A non-slip grip makes it less likely the blender will slip from your grasp.
  • Controls: These should be large, easy to operate and clearly labelled. The on/off button should be within easy reach. A seal over the controls will stop food from getting in.
  • Cleaning: The motor unit mustn't be placed in water – so look for a blender with a detachable blade or shaft. Dishwasher-safe attachments make cleaning even easier.
  • Safety: The blender should have a stop-release mechanism so that it will stop whenever you take your finger off the control button.
  • Blade guard: There should also be a guard around the blade to prevent accidental contact - but you need to take care because the guards could damage bowls and saucepans. A pan guard prevents this scratching.

Some models have extra features:

  • Whisk – for whipping cream and beating eggs.
  • Processor – good for chopping raw vegetables or grinding nuts (but only small amounts at a time). It's a separate unit similar to a small food processor. A rubber base on the attachment will provide stability while you're using it.
  • Pulse – useful for small quantities of dry food. Activating the pulse button gives you short bursts of power that help to distribute the load and ensure the food is uniformly chopped.
  • Wall mount – for easy and accessible storage.
  • A jug is useful for blending.


We received information on 1927 blenders in our 2016 appliance reliability survey.

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Breville awarded Top Brand

The Top Brand award recognises brands that perform consistently well across product testing, reliability and customer satisfaction.

We have awarded Breville our 2016 Top Brand award for blenders. It had the best test performance backed up with good reliability and owner satisfaction.