Updated 4 May 2016


Real Health

Snapshot: The AIA Real Health policy covers surgical procedures up to $500,000 per year. What else does it cover?

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Policy details


Insurance type

Hospital and surgery

Financial strength rating

AA- (Very Strong) Standard & Poor's


0800 800 242

Core cover

Hospital surgical


Hospital medical


Specialist consultations associated with hospitalisation

Covered under surgical maximum within 6 months of surgery or medical maximum

Specialist consultations not associated with hospitalisation


Major diagnostics associated with hospitalisation

Covered under surgical maximum within 6 months of surgery or medical maximum

Major diagnostics not associated with hospitalisation

$200,000: angiogram, arthroscopy, capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, gastroscopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, myelogram, myocardial perfusion imaging, PET, scintigraphy, CT and MRI scans

Oral surgery

Covered under surgical maximum, includes removal of impacted or unerupted teeth; excludes routine dental treatment

Minor surgery

$3000 for GP surgery


Pharmac/non-Pharmac chemotherapy drugs

Additional cover

Physiotherapy after being discharged

$1000 for treatment within 6 months of discharge

Post-op home nursing

Home nursing: $150 per day up to $6000; home help: $500 up to 7 days after cancer surgery or treatment

Overseas treatment

Cover up to policy maximums in Australia; 75% of costs if treatment available in NZ; $30,000 if treatment unavailable in NZ (for 24 months)

Suspension of cover

After 12 months of cover, overseas: 3-24 months; unemployed: 3-6 months

Accommodation for parents

$200 per night up to $3000

Travel and accommodation benefit

Travel and accommodation: $300 per day up to $3000 per claim per year for you and a support person if treatment over 100km from home

Public hospital benefit

After 3 nights, $300 per night up to 10 nights

Death/funeral benefit

$3500 if insured dies before age 70

Alternative medical providers


Guaranteed wordings


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