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We last tested home theatre projectors in 2017. There are no updates planned.

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    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    • HD video quality (60%)
    • SD video quality (10%)
    • Ease of use (30%)

    HD and SD video performance

    To check the picture and colour, the lighting in the room is kept very low and three panel members evaluate the picture quality, watching a variety of footage from DVD, Blu-ray and video game sources as well as a photo.

    The panel of testers pays particular attention to a projector's ability to produce images without colour banding, rainbow or “screen door” effects, jerkiness in pans, blurred or vibrating detail, or colours bleeding in high contrast or very intensely saturated parts of the image. They also check that there are no trails behind fast-moving objects on the screen.

    Standard definition includes footage from DVD movies, technical assessment of noise levels, jaggies etc. and free-to-air broadcast sports footage.
    High definition includes footage from a Blu-ray movie, technical assessment of noise and free-to-air broadcast sports footage.

    Ease of use

    We assess how easy it is to use the on-board controls and on-screen displays to perform several common tasks. Careful attention is paid to being able to easily find and use the most commonly used controls, as well as finding those you may only need once in a while.

    Remote control
    The tester checks the size and spacing of the buttons, dials or touch pads to make sure they're easy to reach, logically grouped and not too close together. Labels should be big enough to read and of sufficient contrast to be easy to read in low light. The remote's overall size and shape is assessed for how well it fits in the hand and how easy it is to use with one hand.

    This is measured at right angles to the noisiest side. A sound meter is placed one metre from the projector and takes a reading for 20 seconds.

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    We've reviewed the Epson EH-TW9300 to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • HD picture
    • SD picture
    • Ease of use
    • Remote

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