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House and contents insurance

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Switching insurers can save you money.

Protect your assets against major disasters and minor mishaps with the right house and contents insurance policy. We explain what to look for, ways to save, and review policies and premiums for 10 insurers.

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Our survey

You could save up to $1000 a year on your house and contents insurance by switching companies.

We asked insurers to quote annual premiums for our 4 profiles: a young professional; a couple buying their first home; a family of 4; and a retired couple. The premiums for everyone except our young professional are based on comprehensive house and contents policies. The premiums for our young professional are based on a comprehensive contents policy.

The difference in annual premiums can vary significantly (see our calculator). And while the policies are broadly similar, it still pays to check the fine print to make sure your prized possessions are fully covered. Our insurance database compares each insurer’s policy cover.

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Premium calculator

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About our profiles

The cover

  • Young professional - contents-only policy for $35,000 worth of belongings
  • First-home buyers - house cover of $600,000 plus contents insurance for $100,000 worth of belongings
  • Family of four - house cover of $980,000 plus contents insurance for $140,000 worth of belongings
  • Retired couple - house cover of $800,000 plus contents insurance for $120,000 worth of belongings

We’ve made these assumptions:

  • Our first-home buyers, family of 4 and retired couple own the houses they live in. Our young professional rents with 2 others.
  • No one has made a claim in the past 5 years.
  • No one runs a business from home.
  • All the properties include a single-storied stand-alone house and a carport. The houses have weatherboard cladding, a corrugated iron roof and a monitored alarm.

Most companies offered discounts for taking out combined house and contents insurance policies and for remaining claims-free over a set number of years. Most also offered a discount if the house had a monitored alarm. We accepted all these discounts.

Not included

We sent our survey to 16 providers which sell house and contents insurance direct to the public. 6 declined to participate: ANZ Bank (underwritten by Vero), Westpac (underwritten by Lumley), FinTel, Kiwibank, Tower and TSB Bank (all underwritten by Tower Insurance).

AA Insurance is assessing homes in Christchurch case-by-case before deciding to insure them. FMG is concentrating on new business in rural areas in Canterbury. It continues to offer cover in Christchurch – but primarily for existing customers. Youi didn’t provide us with quotes for house or contents insurance in Hamilton.

Ways to save

Some suggestions on ways to save when shopping for insurance.

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Making a claim

Our tips for making a successful claim, and how to complain if your claim's rejected.

Our advice

Our advice on what to consider when shopping for insurance.

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