Updated 5 May 2017

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Home Comprehensive Insurance and Contents Comprehensive Insurance

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Key data


Independent complaints organisation
Insurance & Savings Ombudsman
Sum insured or full replacement?
Sum insured only


Standard excess - house
Standard excess - contents

Main cover - house

Personal liability - house policy
Up to $1 million
Temporary accommodation
Up to $20,000 per residential dwelling; includes pets
Recreational features
Up to $40,000
Retaining walls
Up to $20,000

Additional cover - house

Blocked water or sewage pipes
Hidden gradual damage caused by internal water pipe, waste pipe or cylinder
Up to $2500
Keys and locks
Up to $500 ($250 excess applies)
Up to $2500
Post-event inflation protection
Up to 10%
Reduced excess for glass or sanitary fixtures
Yes ($250 excess applies)

Main cover - contents

Personal liability - contents policy
Up to $1 million
Temporary accommodation for homeowners following loss
Up to $20,000; includes pets
Temporary accommodation for tenants following loss
Up to $20,000 or your tenancy agreement ends or you move to a new rental; includes pets
Removal, return and storage of contents following loss
Included in "Temporary accommodation" benefit

Specific items

Present value up to $2000
Present value
Cameras and accessories
Replacement value up to $2500
Carpets and floor coverings - unfixed
Replacement value
Clothing and footwear
Present value
Collections (eg stamps)
Up to $2500 per stamp, medal, phone card, trading card or coin collection
Computers and computer software
Replacement value for computers under 5 years old; present value for software
Credit card cover
Up to $500 if card used fraudulently
Jewellery and watches
Replacement value up to $2500 per item; $15,000 total per event
Mobile phones
Replacement value
Up to $500
Motor vehicle parts and accessories
Present value up to $1000 total per event provided parts aren't in or attached to your car
Sporting equipment
Present value
Works of art
Replacement value up to $10,000

Additional cover - contents

Hidden gradual damage caused by water pipe, waste pipe or cylinder
Up to $2500
Home office and professional equipment
Up to $7500 for home office equipment at home; up to $1500 outside home
Keys and locks
Moving contents to a new address
Defined events while moving to new address

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