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Earthwool glasswool

R-3.6 Ceiling Insulation

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    This insulation has a higher R-value than average for a glass wool product and is cheaper than average. It is suitable for ceilings and can be DIY-installed.

    Good points

    • Meets requirement for ceiling insulation in rentals.
    • Cheaper than average for a glass wool product.
    • A higher R-value than the average of 3 for glass wool products.
    • Suitable for DIY installation.

    Bad points

    No obvious bad points.

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      Pre-cut segments


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    Member reviews

    2 Member reviews

    easy fast install DIY


    It was good price per sq meter. reasonably none irritant. It was easy to rip to size I needed. It expanded to pretty close to size stated. Some segments were thinner than stated. Bags were nice strong so they didnt burst .


    I had mid itch around my wrists were skin was exposed. i wore long sleeved clothing and painters overalls over top. But as I stretched around roof couple spots got in contact with skin.

    Not products fault but because I was retro fitting over old bradford gold ( 16 year old stuff had collapsed flat to nothing).The glass fibre dust from old insulation was horrific. The fibres were showing up in work lights beam. I had proper rubber dust mask and filters .Got irritation around face from that and extremely hot probably..

    Recommend it?

    Yes, I recommend this product.


    Used 1 month or less

    Earthwool none itchy , does not iritate your skin


    Easy to handle as it is none itching, soft and cuddly as a ship skin rug
    also made out of recycled glass

    would never use other common brands that are highly irritating to skin and lungs



    Recommend it?

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    David T.

    Used 6 months or more