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    This insulation has a higher R-value than average for a foam product and is priced on application. It is suitable for ceilings, walls and under floors but cannot be DIY-installed.

    Good points

    • Meets requirement for both ceiling and underfloor insulation in rentals.
    • A higher R-value than the average of 2.3 for foam products.
    • Suitable for ceilings, walls and under floors.

    Bad points

    No obvious bad points.

    About our prices

    Prices are per m² and inclusive of GST. They’re supplied by the manufacturer or distributor and indicative only. Installation costs may be additional.

    POA stands for “price on application”. Some manufacturers don’t supply estimates of price per m² for their products, so you may have to ask in-store. A few of these products can only be installed by specialists, so installation cost is tied up with product cost – these specialists should usually provide free quotes.


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      t stated

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      90 mm

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    No Go For Foam


    Hard to say if there would be any. If you're after a good insulation solution, this would not be it.

    I would share photos but there is no place here to do that.


    I installed the Airfoam product 10 years ago into my 100 year old home. Now that we are renovating we can see how the Airfoam fitted the cavities of the wall and how over time it has performed.

    Photos clearly show that the foam has deteriorated and created empty pockets where insulation is not happening. The product is clearly not up to standard or what it purports to be.

    A Google search will show that the company installing Airfoam in 2008 (liquidated 2014) has the same directors as Heatsaver NZ Ltd.

    Promises on product benefit now prove to be dubious. What you can't see can't be proven.

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Raymond O.

    Used 6 months or more