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Professional Deep Clean Odour Eliminating



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    Test results

    • 78
      Everyday grime
    • 81
      Collar & cuff grime
    • 89
    • 74
      Olive oil
    • 84
    • 90
    • 89
      Chocolate ice cream
    • 87
      Baby food
    • 68
      Motor oil
    • 63

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    Good points

    • Very good at removing everyday grime.
    • Very good at removing collar and cuff stains.
    • Very good at removing grass stains.
    • Good at removing olive oil stains.
    • Very good at removing tomato stains.
    • Excellent at removing make-up stains.
    • Very good at removing chocolate ice cream stains.
    • Very good at removing baby food stains.
    • OK at removing motor oil stains.
    • OK at removing blood stains.

    Bad points

    No obvious bad points.

    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    Everyday grime (35%)
    Collar & cuff stains (20%)
    Grass (15%)
    Olive oil (6%)
    Tomato (4%)
    Make-up (4%)
    Chocolate ice cream (4%)
    Baby food (4%)
    Motor oil (4%)
    Blood (4%)

    Most products have two sets of test results – front-loader and top-loader. For this test, both the front- and top-loader were set on “normal” wash cycles — the type of wash cycle an average consumer is likely to choose to wash an everyday load.

    Find out more about what our testing involves.


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      July 2020

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    Label claims

    • Has enzymes


    • Has optical brighteners

      Not stated

    • Low to no phosphate claim


    • Safe for septic tanks claim

      Not stated

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      I am a Dynamo fan so love the way this cleans


      I get hayfever and the smell this leaves on the washing is awful. It does eliminate the dirt odours but replaces them with something as bad if not worse

      Recommend it?

      Maybe, it depends on what you're after.

      Dawn N.

      Used 1 month or less