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Professional Oxi Plus



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    Test results

    • 79
      Everyday grime
    • 83
      Collar & cuff grime
    • 90
    • 75
      Olive oil
    • 85
    • 90
    • 91
      Chocolate ice cream
    • 89
      Baby food
    • 68
      Motor oil
    • 65

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    Good points

    • Very good at removing everyday grime.
    • Very good at removing collar and cuff stains.
    • Excellent at removing grass stains.
    • Good at removing olive oil stains.
    • Very good at removing tomato stains.
    • Excellent at removing make-up stains.
    • Excellent at removing chocolate ice cream stains.
    • Very good at removing baby food stains.
    • OK at removing motor oil stains.
    • OK at removing blood stains.

    Bad points

    No obvious bad points.

    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    Everyday grime (35%)
    Collar & cuff stains (20%)
    Grass (15%)
    Olive oil (6%)
    Tomato (4%)
    Make-up (4%)
    Chocolate ice cream (4%)
    Baby food (4%)
    Motor oil (4%)
    Blood (4%)

    Most products have two sets of test results – front-loader and top-loader. For this test, both the front- and top-loader were set on “normal” wash cycles — the type of wash cycle an average consumer is likely to choose to wash an everyday load.

    Find out more about what our testing involves.


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      July 2020

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    Label claims

    • Has enzymes


    • Has optical brighteners

      Not stated

    • Low to no phosphate claim


    • Safe for septic tanks claim

      Not stated

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      Member reviews

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      Surprisingly good


      I tried this out after seeing the Consumer report. Previously I had considered liquid washers inferior and budget quality. To my surprise it was a wonderful cleaner of clothes, bedlinen, kitchen linen, towels etc. Doesnt have a strong perfume, which I found the 'odour removing' Dynamo did - so much so that it aggravated my hayfever. Bad stains benefit from a bit of liquid dribbled on before washing. The salesman I bought my Bosch washing machine from said to only use half the recommended amount of washing powder/liquid in the front loader, which I find works well.



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      Dawn N.

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