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Which brand can tackle the toughest stains?

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    Test results

    • 47
      Everyday grime
    • 43
      Collar & cuff grime
    • 64
    • 34
      Olive oil
    • 73
    • 53
    • 64
      Chocolate ice cream
    • 62
      Baby food
    • 35
      Motor oil
    • 41

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    Good points

    • OK at removing grass stains.
    • OK at removing tomato stains.
    • OK at removing chocolate ice cream stains.
    • OK at removing baby food stains.

    Bad points

    • Just OK at removing everyday grime.
    • Poor at removing collar and cuff stains.
    • Poor at removing olive oil stains.
    • Just OK at removing make-up stains.
    • Poor at removing motor oil stains.
    • Poor at removing blood stains.

    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    Everyday grime (35%)
    Collar & cuff stains (20%)
    Grass (15%)
    Olive oil (6%)
    Tomato (4%)
    Make-up (4%)
    Chocolate ice cream (4%)
    Baby food (4%)
    Motor oil (4%)
    Blood (4%)

    Most products have two sets of test results – front-loader and top-loader. For this test, both the front- and top-loader were set on “normal” wash cycles — the type of wash cycle an average consumer is likely to choose to wash an everyday load.

    All individual stain tests are performed on white fabric impregnated with the applicable stain. We measured the recommended amount of detergent for a normally soiled load and used this to wash the test loads at a temperature of 20⁰C.

    After washing, we measured how much dirt was removed from each swatch. We did this with a spectrophotometer (which measures how much light reflects off the swatches). It’s more accurate than the human eye.

    Each load contains two swatches of each stain and each detergent is tested twice.

    The cost per wash is as measured during testing using the manufacturer’s recommended dose for a regular wash (but may vary from the manufacturer’s stated number of washes per pack).

    The likelihood of white marks is an indication of the amount of insolubles in the detergent. Choosing one marked "low" may leave fewer residues on your clothes when using a very water-efficient machine. Detergents marked "high" have a large amount of insolubles, and are best avoided if you are experiencing residue problems.


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      June 2019

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    Label claims

    • Has enzymes


    • Has optical brighteners


    • Low to no phosphate


    • Safe for septic tanks


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