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An underpowered mower will leave an untidy mess in your garden and a few gremlins in your backyard cricket pitch. A good lawnmower needs to be powerful, manoeuvrable and leave your lawn looking spick and span.

We’ve tested 33 lawnmowers to see which ones will make the cut in your backyard.

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Here's what you need to know when choosing a lawnmower for your place.

  • Petrol mowers offer the most cutting power and are ideal for tackling larger lawns, as long as you’ve got fuel in the tank.  

  • Mains-powered mowers are ideal for smaller sections where there aren’t too many cord-trapping obstacles in the mowing area. 

  • Battery models don't have the hassle of a mains lead – but they have a limited cutting time and you have to remember to charge the battery before mowing. 

  • A push mower is the most eco-friendly way of mowing your lawn. But it's only suitable for relatively small, flattish lawns. 

  • In New Zealand conditions, steel-bodied power mowers are cheaper than alloy, but they corrode if they’re not well maintained. Alloy-bodied models are likely to last longer. 

  • A bigger engine doesn’t necessarily mean better performance – a smaller 140cc petrol mower can sometimes outperform a larger 190cc models. Similarly for battery mowers, we found motor power/voltage isn’t the best indicator of quality cutting performance. 

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