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Lawnmowers deliver different performance across different brands and power sources. To find out which ones will perform in your backyard, we test lawnmowers in our accredited laboratory.

We’ve tested 33 lawnmowers to see which ones will make the cut in your backyard.

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We prepare a large grassy test arena full of lush spring growth to short (30mm) and medium (70-100mm) lengths. We also make sure we have a good amount of long grass (300mm+). We assess cutting performance on both long and short grass, as well as considering the ease of use of each lawnmower.

Overall score breakdown

Overall score is based on performance (50%) and ease of use (50%).

Our performance assessment includes:

cutting short, medium grass with the catcher attached and long grasses without a catcher where we look for an even, tidy finish. Any missed patches or leftover clumps of clippings are a no-no.

We run the short and medium-length grass tests with the mower in both catcher and mulching modes where applicable. Neither the catcher nor the mulcher is used for the long grass test.

Ease of use is assessed on:

Vibration (20%)
Pushing/manoeuvring (20%)
Handle comfort (20%)
Controls (10%)
Cutting height adjustment (10%)
Catcher convenience (10%)
Ease of starting (10%)

We measure sound levels at the user position, and from a short distance away. That way you’ll know if you need earmuffs and how annoyed the neighbours will get when you do your lawns.

For battery models we also check the mower’s actual battery life as opposed to the manufacturer’s claims.

Lastly, we measure how much grass remains at the side and front of the mower after cutting. This lets you know how close you can get to solid objects.

How we choose what we test

We aim to test brands and models you’re likely to see when you head to the shops, plus some you might not be aware of.

Before we buy anything, we do our research: we visit stores, both online and physical; we talk to experts and consumers; and we ask manufacturers about their range of models. We want to capture new developments in the market and make sure the products we test will be available after we publish our results.

We then compile a list of models and head out to purchase them, just as any consumer would.

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