Leaf blowers and blower vacuums

Deal with leaves and garden debris the easy way.

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A leaf blower or blower-vacuum will quickly deal with dust, dirt and fallen leaves. We've tested how noisy and safe they are to use.

We've tested 8 leaf blowers and blower vacuums.

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Overall score breakdown

Our overall score is comprised of two subscores.

Performance (70%)

We spread a 5kg leaf mixture consisting of gum leaves and small twigs evenly across an area measuring 5m x 4m. On a windless day, we use the blowers to completely clear the mixture from the marked area. High performance scores are awarded when a blower clears the area quickly, leaving no twigs behind. Vacuuming scores for blower vacs are based on how quickly each model hoovers up 1kg of mixed leaf/twig material, and 2kg of leaf material only. We also measure the noise at the operator’s position and at a distance of 7.5m.

Ease of use (30%)

We assess how easy each model is to wield based on its overall weight and balance. We also consider levels of vibration and ease of operating the trigger. For blower vacs, we measure the time it takes to convert from blower to vacuum mode, and how easy the bag is to empty.

Cleaning leaves with a leaf blower.

Leaf blowers and blower vacuums guide

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