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18V 6.0Ah Brushless Line Trimmer Kit ALT18BS6


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    How we test

    Overall score comprises performance (50%) and ease of use (50%).

    Performance is based on horizontal and vertical trimming and long-grass cutting.

    Ease of use is assessed on handle comfort, shaft length, weight, balance, cutting visibility, controls, vibration, starting, line-feed effectiveness and ease of re-spooling.

    Price is from an August 2019 survey.

    Our recommendation
    We recommend petrol trimmers scoring above 85% overall. While the performance and ease-of-use of the best petrol trimmers in our tests has hovered at or above this level for a few years, battery-electric models continue to improve year on year.

    We raised the bar for the performance of battery-powered trimmers to 80% after a batch of 7 cordless models returned impressive performance in our 2017 test.

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    We've reviewed the AEG 18V 6.0Ah Brushless Line Trimmer Kit ALT18BS6 to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • Cutting & trimming
    • Ease of use


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