Line trimmers

Keep your garden tidy and tackle long grass with a line trimmer.

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Power, performance and convenience are your main considerations when buying a line trimmer.

We’ve tested 21 line trimmers to see how well they perform. Find out which models we recommend.

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What you need to know when choosing a line trimmer for your place.

  • Petrol, battery or electric? Petrol-powered trimmers give the most grunt and offer all-day running, but they’re heavy, noisy and sometimes difficult to start. Battery trimmers have none of these drawbacks and are probably the best option for suburban gardens, but your work in the garden is limited by battery charge. Mains-electric trimmers offer an affordable solution, but the trailing power cord can get in the way.
  • One-battery systems. Some manufacturers offer universal battery platforms where the battery can be switched out among different tools. This can save you money in the long run, as you only need to buy the “skin” for the other tools.
  • Volts, amps and watts. You should consider volts and amp-hours when looking at cordless line trimmers. Watts is the only number you need to consider when going mains-electric. As a basic rule, the bigger the number, the better the tool.
  • Key features. A well-balanced machine will feel good in the hands and be easier to use for long periods of time. Curved shafts keep the head at a good height for cutting, but straight shafts are better for heavy-duty work.
  • Ease of use. Your line trimmer should be easy to start and simple to re-spool, and should quickly feed out line as it wears down. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, consider our scores for ease of use to make sure you aren’t selecting a dud.
  • Most reliable brands. Our members have told us about their line trimmers. This information lets us rate which brands are best for reliability and satisfaction.
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Line trimmers buying guide

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