Updated 30 Sep 2015

Bella Viaggi

Travelware Carry-on 50cm

Snapshot: The Bella Viaggi Travelware Carry-on 50cm hard-shell suitcase has 4 swivel wheels. But how does it perform?

Travelware Carry-on 50cm
Consumer score
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Test results

Overall score
Lift and drop
Ease of use
Drag and move

Good points

  • Excellent performance in the lift and drop test.
  • Excellent puncture resistance.
  • OK rain resistance.
  • Easy to drag and move.
  • Very good handle comfort.
  • Meets Air New Zealand carry-on baggage size.
  • Has 4 swivel wheels.


  • No external pockets.


Despite the low price, this suitcase performed as well as many more expensive “branded” models. It shrugged off our lift and drop test and had excellent puncture resistance. It leaked a bit of water, but no more than most others we tested. We thought it was easy to use with a very comfortable handle. It meets Air New Zealand carry-on baggage rules. It’s not ultra-light at 2.8kg, doesn’t come with many frills, and only comes in a love-or-hate black and white “houndstooth” finish. We think it is a great-value buy.

Full test

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How we test

Overall score includes:

  • Lift and drop (30 percent)
  • Puncture (15 percent)
  • Rain (15 percent)
  • Ease of use (40 percent)

Our tests

We loaded the bags with 4kg of clothing and checked how far they could tilt without falling over.

Whether it’s when wheeling your bag to the airport, or finding the bag trolley was left out on the runway in the rain, some level of water resistance is useful. We put bags lined with dry newsprint paper upright under a shower rig for 10 minutes to assess their water resistance.

To test resistance to sharp objects, our rig dropped a metal cone onto the case and we measured the diameter of the resulting puncture mark.

Lift and drop
Our rig snatches the bag up (testing the handle) and drops it from a height of 900mm onto its base and wheels. We repeat this 300 times or until it fails, whichever comes first. Bags that survive the drop test are tested for 30 minutes on a rolling rig to check the wheels still work.

Ease of use
Three testers take the bags loaded with 4kg for a stroll. They move in and out of an elevator, down stairs and through a doorway. They drag the bags across carpet, a cement path and asphalt. They consider handle comfort and length, noise, and overall stability in two-wheel and four-wheel use (if applicable).

Full specs


Price guide


Dimensions HxWxD (cm)
55 x 38 x 22
Size (cm)
Meets carry-on criteria
Air New Zealand only.
Weight (kg)
Stability (degrees)
Number of wheels
Extendable handle length (cm)
Extendable handle positions


Backpack straps
Top handles
Side handles
External pockets
Internal divider
Zip padlock hole
TSA lock