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We last tested meat thermometers in 2018. There are no updates planned.

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Meat Thermometer 3008 00680



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    This analogue meat thermometer is easy to use and it’s oven safe. But it’s not as accurate as other meat thermometers we’ve tested.

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    Good points

    • Easy to use.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Good size display with cooking guidelines.
    • Probe is easy to insert.
    • Oven-safe.

    Bad points

    • Just OK accuracy.
    • Small grip area.
    • All stainless steel so take care when removing from oven.

    How we test

    Overall score is based on:

    Accuracy (60%) We assess accuracy using a calibrated thermal bath. When the thermal bath reaches 70℃ a reading on each thermometer is taken. A reading of -/+ 1℃ gets an accuracy score of 8.0, a reading of -/+ 2℃ scores 5.0.

    For thermometers that claim to be oven-proof, we check how accurate the reading is at 70℃ while cooking scotch fillet. All were within 2℃ of the calibrated reading. This didn’t contribute to the overall score.

    Ease of use (40%) We check how easy it is to use and read the thermometer, insert the probe, and clean the thermometer.

    Price is from an October 2018 survey.


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      60 - 87


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