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We last tested meat thermometers in 2018. There are no updates planned.

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Digital Programmable Meat Thermometer BBDTHERM



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    This digital meat thermometer is extremely accurate and easy to use. But it’s not oven safe.

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      Ease of use

    Good points

    • Excellent accuracy.
    • Easy to use.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Good size digital display.
    • Probe is easy to insert.
    • Has alarm and protective cover for probe.
    • Programmable.

    Bad points

    • Not oven safe.
    • Buttons are small for changing the set temperature.

    How we test

    Overall score is based on:

    Accuracy (60%) We assess accuracy using a calibrated thermal bath. When the thermal bath reaches 70℃ a reading on each thermometer is taken. A reading of -/+ 1℃ gets an accuracy score of 8.0, a reading of -/+ 2℃ scores 5.0.

    For thermometers that claim to be oven-proof, we check how accurate the reading is at 70℃ while cooking scotch fillet. All were within 2℃ of the calibrated reading. This didn’t contribute to the overall score.

    Ease of use (40%) We check how easy it is to use and read the thermometer, insert the probe, and clean the thermometer.

    Price is from an October 2018 survey.


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    • Probe length (cm)


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    • Battery type

      Button cell

    • Temp range (℃)

      0 - 130


    • Oven safe

    • Alarm

    • Timer

    • Programmable

    • Smartphone compatible

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      From Bunnings only.

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    Excellent value


    It has a nice clear backlit screen that is easy to read in dim light so a great asset for an evening BBQ or in a dimly lit oven. The unit is easily cleaned and the cover ensures no risk of damage to the probe in storage. The buttons were small enough to be reasonably unobtrusive but very easy to use.


    The buttons may need extra care to clean around if contaminated during use.

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