Updated 2 Feb 2018


MultiChopper Food Chopper FC7500

Snapshot: The Sunbeam MultiChopper FC7500 mini food processor has 2 speeds and a 500ml bowl capacity. How does it rate?

MultiChopper Food Chopper FC7500
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Test results

Overall score
Ease of use
Curry paste

Good points

  • Excellent at chopping breadcrumbs and making curry paste.
  • Very good at making pesto.
  • Double-blade system (can be used with 1 or 2 blades).
  • Grading on bowl for maximum fill level.
  • 2 speeds.
  • Comprehensive instructions with guides and recipes.
  • Non-slip pad on base of processing bowl.


  • Can’t add extra liquids during processing so unable to make mayonnaise.
  • Continuous pressing of buttons can be annoying.
  • Need to take care when handling double-blade system.
  • Not recommended for the dishwasher.
  • Noisy on high speed.

Extended review

The Sunbeam FC7500 is excellent at chopping breadcrumbs and making curry paste, and very good at making pesto. It doesn’t have a chute so you can’t add extra liquids during processing. There’s grading on the bowl so you don’t overfill it and its processing bowl has a non-slip base. The Sunbeam has a double-blade system so you can use 1 or 2 blades depending on what you’re prepping. The controls are just OK to use. There’s no separate on/off button and the 2 speeds are determined by how much pressure you use. The continuous pressing can be annoying and it has a maximum processing time of 30 seconds.

How we test

Overall score is based on:

Performance (60%)
We assess how well mini food processors perform 3 tasks: chopping breadcrumbs, making curry paste and making pesto. If a processor has openings in the lid (small chutes) for adding extra liquids during processing, we test how well it emulsifies mayonnaise. This doesn’t contribute to the performance score.

Ease of use (40%)
For ease of use we check how easy it is to use the controls, read the instructions, lock and release the bowls and attachments, and clean and store the unit.

We also test how noisy each processor is when we process breadcrumbs. Measurements are taken an arm’s length from the bench and for models with more than one setting we use the highest one. This doesn't contribute to the overall score.

Price is from a January 2018 survey.

Key data


Avg price

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Power (watts)
Weight (kg)
Maximum bowl capacity (L)
H x W x D (cm)
26 x 12 x 12
Maximum operating time (sec)
Noise level (dBA)


Dishwasher safe
Number of speeds
Blade attachments
Feed chute for liquids
Cord storage

More Info

Can’t be used for emulsifying, grating, kneading or slicing.

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