Updated 8 Jun 2017


P10 Lite

Snapshot: The Huawei P10 Lite is an Android phone with 4G capability, a memory card slot and a 1080x1920 screen. How does it rate?

P10 Lite
Consumer score
Avg price



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Test results

Overall score
Handset capabilities
Music player

Good points

  • Very good for texting.
  • Good for calling.
  • OK camera.
  • Has a memory card slot.
  • Good camera resolution.


  • Reception is only just OK.

Extended review

By Erin Bennett
Technical Writer

The Huawei P10 Lite looks impressive. It’s gold, with a glossy mirror finish and rounded corners, but it’s not a top-of-the-line model. Rather, it’s a stripped-down version of Huawei’s flagship P10. While the two phones look almost identical on the outside, what is (or isn’t) inside the P10 Lite is where they differ.

The P10 has dual rear cameras (20MP and 12MP), two flashes and 64GB storage, whereas the P10 Lite has one 12MP rear camera, a single flash and 32GB storage. However, the Lite is around half the price of the P10.

There aren’t many colour choices available. You’re limited to gold and black, missing out on funkier colour options, such as blue, which are available overseas. The fingerprint sensor is on the back, making it easy to unlock one-handed. It also has “knuckle sense”, which is where you use your knuckle to draw shapes as a shortcut to various phone functions. While it sounds helpful, it occasionally had trouble recognising the shapes I drew.

Its screen is slightly bigger than the P10’s, but has the same resolution so the picture isn’t as smooth. Unlike most new phones, it doesn’t have a scratch-proof screen and the back cover isn’t immune to scratches either, though the clear plastic makes them harder to see.

The “P” stands for “photography”, so I expected a better-than-average camera. While the rear camera takes decent photos, has a good autofocus and images are well lit, I was disappointed it’s only 12MP.

I am a heavy phone user, so a power bank is always nearby in case of emergency. With the P10 Lite I was able to leave it at home, as the battery would usually last me until mid-evening.

The P10 Lite has decent specifications for the price and, apart from a few scratches, it held up well to daily use and can take the place of most compact cameras. It’s a good phone that does everything a modern smartphone phone should at a bargain price.

How we test

Overall score includes:

Functionality (20%) is based on reception, battery life, connections, memory and sound quality.
Ergonomics (20%) includes ease of use, portability, durability and display quality.
Calling (10%)
Texting (5%)
Camera quality (20%) including video quality
Music player (10%)
Internet and email (10%)
GPS navigation (5%)

Price is based on an April 2018 online survey.

Key data


Avg price


Operating system
Android 7
Dimensions W x L x H (mm)
72 x 146 x 8
Weight (g)
Screen resolution (pixels)
1080 x 1920
Screen size (inches)


Camera resolution (MP)
Built-in flash


Memory card slot
Dual SIM
4G compatible
GPS receiver
FM radio